Dal Cason offers a wide range of stainless steel and special steel products, including: outdoor gates, metal furniture and accessories (such as flowerpots), barbecues, indoor railings, installations, stainless steel parts and handcrafted decorations.

We specialize in manufacturing installations, such as coils and heat exchangers for controlling the temperature of liquids, musts, foodstuffs and non-edible products; in addition to our standard range, we also manufacture made-to -measure products, frames for installations, stainless steel components for domestic furniture, steel gates and railings.

The company has adapted to the changes in the craft metalworking sector by meeting the specific demands of the market.

Customer satisfaction always comes first! This is why Dal Cason offers its clients a dedicated service, assisting its them in the early design stages of custom-made objects, including items for the industrial sector.

The company also produces personalized metal accessories.


Scroll down to view some of our creations. Click on the thumbnail to display the full-size image.

Plates and coils for the wine-making sector - industrial applications

View the gallery for examples of our installations and coils.

Furnishings, indoor stairs, railings and outdoor stairs

See the photogallery for some of our installations

  • Fittings and furnishings for the Toucan shop
  • Tables and vases
  • Indoor stairs
  • Balconies and railings
  • Outdoor stairs


Gates and barbecues

See the photo gallery for a selection of our barbecues and gates.

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